Fioricet: Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews:

    I took this for pain when I had kidney stones and it wiped away my anxiety. It was incredible.

    Logan - New York, USA

    Did not work on my pain

    Mark - San Antonio, USA

    Well besides depression I battled with eating disorders my whole life. I never knew of this Med until 2 years ago. It really has helped me with my ED , anxiety, mood and energy! Sadly it's hard to get a prescription because is more of a narcotic

    Danny - Indianapolis, USA

    I was given Fioricet after a knee replacement and for osteoarthritis.I had always had mild depression in life and anxiety in spite of an intense exercise schedule.Since taking 40mg daily most of the depression and anxiety have gone..such a relief.My doctor did not know that Fioricet can be effective for depression.There are side effects like dry mouth but benefits outweigh side effects in my experience

    Liam - San Francisco, USA

    I take Fioricet 40mg every night and it works for me!!

    Steve - Memphis, USA

    Helps tame the nerve pain associated with syringomyelia, a chronic spinal cord condition that is very painful

    Lukas - Washington, USA

    Began taking after minor operation to deal with pain. I told my doctor that it had a calming effect and asked if was safe to take to deal with anxiety. Been taking it for about a year. Two to four 40 mg pills per day. Some days I take none. No migraine

    Jakob - Oklahoma City, USA

    Don't take every day and take at smallest doseage

    Emma - Albuquerque, USA

    I was taking perocet 10 four times a day for a while. Switched to 40mg x 2 a day Fioricet. It works alot better! Everyone's different when it comes to medications.

    Mia - Kansas City, USA